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Product Development

End-to-end mobile, enterprise, and web product development.

Gigus helps companies scale and differentiate through product innovation and development.

We have the top 1% of experts needed to reduce time-to-market and accelerate growth. In our digital economy, speed-to-market is critical. Savvy businesses want to transform their great idea into a successful product in record time. 

Team Augmentation
Gigus certified engineers, designers and project managers can collaborate with your existing staff or serve as your on-demand development team at a lower cost than in-house development. 
User Experience Design
We specialize in human-centric and cognitive design – the neuroscience behind user experience. Drawing on expertise in service design and design thinking, our teams create customer experiences that drive adoption and loyalty.
User Interface Design
Our platforms highly trained experts are skilled in designing new products as well as redesigning existing ones. High-performance, modern applications give clients the competitive edge they need to excel.
Rapid Prototyping
Adopt fast R&D and innovation to convert your notions into a competitive advantage. Validate concepts from a technological and business perspective. You’re just weeks away from a working prototype of your big idea. 

Extreme Programming

Extreme Programming (XP) is an agile software development methodology designed to improve the quality of software and its ability to properly adapt to changing needs.

XP combined with our expertly trained talent will get your app to market in less time and for less money than you thought possible, all without compromising end-user experience and performance quality. 

Gigus implements XP for all development to best establish robust testing and security processes, optimise the software development lifecycle for continuous delivery and automation. 

Application Development
Reliable and stunning digital experiences powered by experts with experience in technology,  user-centric development and quality assurance. We build world-class, enterprise grade web, mobile, localized and cloud apps for both start-ups and large enterprises. 
Secure DevOps
Continuous Security & DevOps is about delivering infrastructure at the speed of business. Let Gigus's experts do the heavy lifting of protecting your IT assets and cloud environments 24×7. We will build, deploy, and manage your critical systems, delivering smoother releases and updates, and guaranteed uptime.
Quality Assurance & Testing
Optimise your testing costs, shorten development cycles and drive continuous quality of your software and services. Our quality assurance experts will ensure your software is secure, reliable, scalable and delivers a seamless customer experience.  
Ongoing Development Support
Share your requirements and hire the best talent to manage your ongoing IT needs. Save costs, start fast and get the right resources, individuals and teams on demand. Let Gigus look after the administrative hassles while you avoid the risks of dealing with incompetent and non-professional freelancers.

Artificial Intelligence

Super charged, bleeding edge application development that leverages the power of AI.

Progressive companies of all sizes, from all industries are finding ways to leverage AI to save time and money and boost operational efficiency.

Discovering and enacting the path to artificial intelligence, our teams love working on hard problems that require us to make fundamental advances in AI capabilities. 

Machine Learning
Unlock the business benefits of ML. Empowering and elevating businesses from education to retail to health care and beyond. Simplify massive data sets, identify patterns and easily perform complex tasks at scale without human intervention.
Natural Language Processing
Utilizing AI abilities to understand and process human language and speech. Create automation within all forms and methods of communication including voice, chat, email, reading, writing, translation and even lip reading. 
Deep Learning
Beyond tactics forward-thinking organizations are now leveraging the power of DL to automate the decision-making process. Developed in diverse industries to dramatically improve predications, performance, customer experience and revenue. 
Data Visualization & Pipelines
Clearly and efficiently communicate via graphs, plots, and infographics, making better decisions with your data. Gather, unify, structure and unlock data, from statistical programming to analytics reporting to ad-hoc modelling. 

Advantages of using Gigus

Our development solution allows you to quickly access a variety of top talent to build the software you need


A partner committed to providing an incomparable product development experience.


Leverage experts of emerging technologies to achieve breakthrough results.


Obsessive focus on consistent communication habits, reliability and the ability to prioritize.


Rapid development cycles by way of extreme programming ensure speed and quality of delivery.


Ability to work with the top one percent of development talent available globally.


IP and secrets protected with industry best practices and military grade security.


Increase or decrease production capabilities in hours instead of weeks.


Simple cost-effective project and talent pricing to build your team and tech most efficiently.

Based on prior experience it was obvious your solution is much more rigorous than other platforms we've used and the level of talent you delivered was awesome.

Ethan LeeCTO, Money Brain

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