Smart Development

There are many options for product development services from recruitment firms to agencies. We founded Gigus to be the best of all available options.

We provide exactly the right, top tier talent within our network for your project. A dedicated product manager directs all deliverables, ensuring the engineering team meets every target milestone.

We are masters of Extreme Programming (XP), producing clean working code at startup speed. Our talent & technology infrastructure allows us to start new projects within days rather than months.

Extreme Programming is an agile framework that aims to produce higher quality software and higher quality of life for the development team. It ensures we make fast iterations with immediate user and client feedback to achieve the most valuable outcomes.

We have the most elite talent vetting process in the freelance industry. You'll work with a team comprised of the industries finest talent in skill, reliability, acumen and commitment to exceptional service. And if you’re not 100% satisfied with the work, it's free.

Superhuman Workforce

An invite-only world-class talent network of top 1% engineers, scientists, designers and product managers.

Our elite team of US and globally located freelancers come together to create beautiful, breakthrough technology products. Gigus workers are renowned experts in their craft.

Gigus workers create 10X impact by doing an order of magnitude more effective work and by making better decisions an order of magnitude more often. Being the top 1% is not just about about doing more work than peers; it’s about doing the right work.

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Augmented Outsourcing

We have redesigned the product development process from the ground up to give you a level of service and smart automation, beyond other platforms or agencies, that will perform remarkably every time.

Outsourcing shouldn’t have to be difficult. Gigus leverages elite talent with proprietary automation tools to make product development more reliable and efficient.

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Networked Ecosystem

We pair elite talent with our proprietary product development process to deliver systematically better results.

Gigus is empowering knowledge workers, augmenting each engineer, scientist, designer and product manager in our network with systems, technology and a new paradigm culture. Our talent management platform liberates members to do more meaningful work with enhanced productivity.

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