‘Vi Cit Tecum’

May The Force Be With You

We are stewarding the future of work in creating the smartest and easiest way to build custom technology on the planet. We are that Force. 

Brilliant Talent For Awesome Gigs

Gigus continually strives to be the most empowering remote work environment for top talent globally.

We are investing continuously in best-of-class methods, tools, tech and training to cultivate talent and customer delight.

The Platform For The Future Of Work

For most companies, hiring technologists and building successful products is incredibly difficult. Simultaneously, self-employed product developers can get very frustrated by the many limitations of traditional freelancing.

The Client Experience, Reimagined

Providing reduced risk with unparalleled agility, excellence & speed. With Gigus, clients don’t simply hire freelancers, rather they will get an elite engineering team supported by an augmented product management layer that generates quality and delight.

We provide flexible, expanded technical capacity to deliver applications that drive business performance. Clients receive a concierge experience over a fixed price and period. They are never burdened with vetting individual talent, assembling a team, then training and managing them. Gigus handles all of this for you while guaranteeing a premium outcome.

The Talent Experience, Anew

For top talent, we aim to build the best place on earth to work, and from anywhere. Members of our network are remotely assembled in customized delivery teams, so all they have to do is build great product, enjoy the ride and get paid. They’ll never need deal with frustrating elements of freelancing like self promotion, sales or isolating work.

Beyond gigs, Gigus provides advanced skill training and mentorship to keep our members well ahead of the curve. They also enjoy many additional perks including quarterly destination retreats, holistic care packages and options for freelancer specific insurance. Our approach allows us to attract truly incredible talent that would not otherwise be accessible.


Emery Bishop

Founder, CEO

An avid adventurer of experiential learning, exponential technologies and entrepreneurship. Along with Gigus, Emery is also the founder of Hacker Inc, a global venture builder helping daring founders build legendary companies.

Susahosh Rahman


University of Toronto: Honours BSc, Computer Science and Physics specialist. Susahosh is an enterprise level automation architect, a serial inventor and maker, and is Gigus's lead talent mentor and chief of technology.

Chanelle Lee

CXO - Chief Experience Officer

A multi-faceted athlete, model, actress and marketer with a deep passion for humanity, culture and travel. Chanelle leads our talent network and service experience to delight Gigus's clients and freelancer community.

Tomoe Gozen

CDO - Chief Delivery Officer

University of Tokyo: MSc, Innovation & Technology Management. Tomoe enjoys scuba diving, snowboarding, flying and music. Equally passionate about data driven experiments and making 改善 'Kaizen' our delivery tenet.

Emery and company are perfection oriented and have delivered a team that go above and beyond. Thank you!

Ben WaldherManaging Director, Projekt Münich

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